General Information

Tournament General Information


The cost to register a team for any season or any division is $150.  The price guarantees you 3 games over the course of the tournament.  Jerseys can be provided for an additional cost of $12 per player.  T-shirt orders must be placed no later than, November 15, 2015.


All teams must have numbered shirts for every player participating.  Teams don’t have to have exact matching shirts, but they need to be very close in color.  Example: a light blue shirt cannot be worn for a team wearing dark blue. Tournament referees will make the call on whether the shirt is good enough to be worn. 

Teams that don’t have matching uniforms will be able to play their matches but the result will be marked down as a 3-0 forfeit.  Individual players on teams that don’t meet uniform requirements will not be allowed to participate in that match.  Trading shirts during matches is not allowed.

Game Day ID and Date of Birth Verification:

All rostered participants will have to bring an ID to their match in order to play.  The ID must match a player’s name on the roster.  The ID must have a photo of the player along with his/her date of birth in order to be considered valid.  Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before your match is scheduled to begin in order to check in with the referee.


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