Referee Recertification

Are you a referee that needs to recertify?  There is a detailed protocol to follow with the online recertification process.


For a detail explanation, please visit:


The classes are listed for referees with 3 + years of experience   BUT any ref can sign up for the class even if they have  only been a referee for 1- 2 years.


Website to register is


Recertification for Grassroot Referees who have been refereeing for 3 years or more. 


Online: There are four online lessons which must be completed, along with two embedded courses.

One of the lessons and embedded courses is SafeSport which must be completed by all referees older than 17.

The other three are the test, the USSF Digital Learning Center course for referees, and a health and safety lesson.

To access the online lessons and courses, log on to the Official Management System (OMS) and scroll down to

the "online lessons" button.


These lessons and courses should take 5-7 hours to complete


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