Important: New Referee Information!

Important: New Referee Information!
As a new referee, the first thing to do is get yourself added to your assignor's online referee group.
Tarey Houston (our FCSC soccer referee assignor) uses as her online assigning tool.  Once you join the group, you will be able to view a list of available games and receive emails from Tarey.  Email Tarey ( to request the instructions on how to join her online referee group.
Tarey assigns the following FCSC games --
Recreational  -- U8 to U10 - girls and boys club REC games
Club Champions League  (CCL) -- U9 through U19  - girls and boys travel games
Eastern Development Program (EDP) -- U12 through U19
National Capital Soccer League (NCSL)  -- U9 thorugh U19 - girls and boys travel games
Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL) -- U9 through U19 - girls and boys travel games
Suburban Friendship League (SFL) -- U11 through U19 -- girls and boys travel games
and the Hunt Country Classic Tournament (November)
New Grassroots Referee -- 
As a new referee Grassroots referee, you will be qualified to center any U9-U12 REC games.  You can also work as an assistant referee (AR) on any age-appropriate travel games.  You should be at last three years older than the players on any team/game that you work.
To gain experience, Tarey will assign you as an assistant referee (AR) on less competitive games (such as REC, ODSL, and SFL) before assigning you as an AR on more competitive games (such as CCL, EDP, and NCSL, etc.)
At 16 years old and with some experience, you can begin centering some age-appropriate travel games.  If you are 16 years old, you can center games up to age 12 or 13 depending on your experience and confidence level.  As you gain more experience, you will be assigned more challenging games.
Referee Pay -- 
All payscales on listed in (under Game Pay).  However, you will make anywhere from $15 to $40 as an assistant referee and $20 to $65 (or more) on more competitive older games.  Tarey uses a payment system called GOPay (within the website).  More information on how you will get paid will come directly from Tarey.
Getting Assigned Games -- 
You will need to email Tarey a list of games that you wish to be assigned on any given weekend.  You will then be assigned games through the system. will notify you when you have been assigned games.  When you are assigned a set of games, you will need to immediately log into, and click MY GAMES, and Accept the games.  This notifies the assignor that you agree and accept with your assignments.
Completing Game Reports -- 
When you finish working any games you've been assigned (and within 24 hours), you will need to log into, and click AFTER GAMES, and complete the game report, so you can be paid.  NCSL and ODSL require their referees to complete their own online game report, and more instructions will be provided by Tarey.
Want to be Assigned FCSC Games?
Closer to the start of each season, you can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season, or you can pick up games from the weekly available game lists that Tarey will post and send by email.
Generally, below is the procedure that Tarey uses to make referee assignments:
1)  At the beginning of the season, Tarey will request your availability via email through the system. This is your opportunity to let Tarey know specifically when and where you are available to be assigned games. Note: You can opt to be pre-assigned games for the entire season (or just the specific dates you indicate on the form). You can also decide to pick up available games from her emailed list of open games week by week.
2)  Based upon the collective emails that Tarey receives from you, she will make pre-assignments before the season begins.
3)  If there are holes in the schedule AFTER she sends out those assignments, she will follow up with additional emails to get those holes filled. At this point, games are usually assigned in the order that Tarey receives requests by email [as long as the referee requesting the game(s) is qualified and has the level of experience]. To increase your chances of being assigned the games you want, when replying to Tarey's emails to request games, always send more than one game set choices in one email.

Tarey Houston is can reached as follows:
Phone:  301-702-2771
Thank you, Tarey Houston
USSF-Certified Referee Assignor
Phone:  301-702-2771 Group #1420
**It is best to reach me by email.


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