The FCSC Referees Corner provides a resource for referees who currently support FCSC, as well as those seeking information about becoming a referee.

FCSC participates in a series of recreational and competitive soccer leagues, spanning both youth and adult age groups.  League officials are responsible for scheduling qualified referees for their respective league matches, or contracting with a firm to provide such a service.  

All FCSC House League referees are certified by USSF and starting in the Spring 2015 season, will be assigned by Tarey Houston (tareyassignor@aol.com). FCSC provides support for referee education, mentoring, and certification.  The Resources link provides information for those interested in becoming a referee, or recertifying for the upcoming year.

For all other leagues managed by FCSC (e.g., the Fauquier Soccer League), FCSC contracts with a referee assignment firm.

If you are interested in refereeing with local Travel leagues, or the Suburban Friendship League games, contact Tarey Houston (tareyassignor@aol.com) for more information.



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