U16 Guidelines

By 15 and 16 years old, players should be comfortable dealing with the ball in a variety of situations.  With this in mind, the coach should look to address several issues over the course of the two year cycle that address how basic tactical issues can influence the game:

  1. Small group ideas on both sides of the ball (Moving forward together on the attack, realistic pressure, and how to help your team win the ball back).
  2. How the small group ideas tie into larger team concepts.  Such as the similarities and differences between high and low pressure, keeping your back line connected with your attacking players during possession in your attacking half of the field, or rhythm of play issues (when to speed up and when to slow down).
  3. Some basic positional responsibilities and how, as a team, these responsibilities are interconnected. For example, how the backs share defensive responsibilities, how decisions that the defending line makes are related to the decisions of the players in front of them, or the role of the holding midfielder in your team’s possession.
  4. Accountability for their execution and decisions with the ball.  Players at this age must aspire to have technical precision.  Players need to be made aware of how their ability to collect and pass the ball has a direct impact on all aspects of the game.


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