Volunteers Needed!

FCSC has a commitment to develop a quality volunteer force, which meets the needs of the organization and operates on the work and dedication of its volunteers.


Volunteer Leadership Positions:

Uniform Coordinator: Coordinates two uniform sales each year. Orders are computed and made by the Administrative Director. The Uniform coordinator plans and executes the distribution and sale of the uniforms.

Fundraising Coordinator: Two fundraisers are held each year to fund recreation league training. Administrative support is needed to coordinate the ordering, sale and delivery of the merchandise for these sales.

Volunteer Coordinator: Volunteer Coordinator: Soccer parents are very generous people, and want to step up to the goal and support the Club efforts to provide quality soccer to the youth of Fauquier County. A coordinator to call together the volunteers is essential, requiring telephone and scheduling skills. If you are homebound and would like to “meet” other soccer parents, this may be a way for you to really help the Club.

Fields Coordinator: Working with a committee, this individual will manage all playing and practice fields, including field selection and assignments, field preparation and maintenance, and be responsible for all planning and implementation of new fields development, including the Sports Field Council.

Many volunteers are needed to support the FCSC recreation league:

Uniform sales: Occasional volunteers are needed to sort, count and pack uniforms for the teams. Also, once each season, there is a uniform sales Saturday. Volunteers are appreciated for each of these occasional events.

Fund Raising: FCSC has one major and two smaller fund raisers each year. Hunt Country Classic VII is the major fundraiser. Twice a year, small fundraisers are held by the recreation league to fund training. Normally, the semi-annual fundraisers require occasional volunteers. Please take a moment and sign up.

Fields Support: At the beginning and end of each season, goals need to be placed or picked up. During the playing season, fields need to be lined after extended periods of time. Again, this is an occasional volunteer effort. Won’t you take a moment and volunteer for this effort?

Equipment Support: Each year, dozens of balls, bags, first aid kits, flags and other items must be issued, then picked up, returned to storage and inventoried in preparation for the next season. Love to get to meet new people? This might be the volunteer job for you.

Communications Support and Media Relations: Many children miss having their picture or name in the paper because there is no one to submit articles to the media. Won’t you give the children playing soccer recognition by helping publicize their successes?

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Parents:

Love working directly with the children? Of course, these are the most rewarding positions within Fauquier County Soccer Clubs. To teach children the physical skills needed to successfully participate in a game gives great satisfaction. The VYSA Kidsafe program applies to these positions.

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