2017-18 Training Schedules



United is committed to identifying and developing players that exhibit the motivation and potential for higher levels of play.  Our primary focus is for the youth player to be continuously improving, both technically and tactically while strengthening their attitude and hard work ethic. We strive to acheive this through carefully selecting licensed coaches and the continuous development of ideas and curriculum that will improve our players & coaches. 


Team Practice Schedule

Tuesday and Thursdays at Athey Fields. 

Age Group Boys Girls
2008 5:30pm 5:30pm
2007 5:30pm 5:30pm
2006 7pm 5:30pm
2005 5:30pm  
2004 5:30pm 7pm
2000 7pm  

Technical Training Schedule 

Wednesday's March 14th to May 23rd. 5:30-7:30pm.

This season's technical training will have 4 elements to it. Individual Player Development, Goal Keeper Training, Parisi Speed School and Pick Up Soccer. Each station will last for around 40 minutes, then the players will rotate to the next station.

How the schedule looks -

Start Time Parisi Ind Player Dev GK Pick UP
5:30pm 06 & 05 Boys and Girls 07 & 08 Boys and Girls 00-04 Boys and Girls 00-04 Boys and Girls
6:10pm 07 & 08 Boys and Girls 00-04 Boys and Girls 06 & 05 Boys and Girls 06 & 05 Boys and Girls
6:50pm 00-04 Boys and Girls 06 & 05 Boys and Girls 07 & 08 Boys and Girls 07 & 08 Boys and Girls


Individual Player Development

Practices are specifically designed to focus upon taking players technique to the next level. The first few weeks of practice will be for our coaches to recognize where our players are technically and then look to break them off into skill specific groups to work on areas that have been highlighted to improve their overall level of play. 


Goal Keeper Training

The club’s competitive youth goalkeeper training program, allows players to work with similar level keepers and develop their fundamentals and look to further their current skills. The first couple of practices will be spent observing and evaluating the level at each age group, and allowing our coaches to provide the most appropriate practices and exercises for the players. 


Parisi Speed School

FCSC and Parisi are looking to strengthen their partnership through increasing the exposure our players get, so we can help improve their speed, agility and power in both soccer specific and overall movement techniques. Players will learn movement mechanics, stretching techniques as well as individual activities that can be utilized on their own to improve performance. 


Pick Up Soccer

Essentially free play soccer. The aim is for this to become a player organized station, where they decide their own teams, and manage the games themselves. No coaching, no stipulations just small sided free play soccer. This provides an environment that maximizes players touches on the ball, exposure to an expressive environment that allows them to try the latest move by Neymar, Morgan, Ronaldo or Lloyd. Small sided teams providing a great platform for all players to have an impact on the outcome of their games. 


Parisi Speed School