Please review VYSA Training Priorities for U6 through U19 to assist you in your practice plans.

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U10 Practice Plans                     Activities

Foot Coordination & Speed           Island Game, Ball Stealing, Everyone vs Everyone, Edge of the World, Outta There

Tackling                                      Rehearsal, Faced Up, From Recovery, Decisions

Receiving Lofted Balls                  Receiving Square, Receiving Line, Box to Box, 6v6 (4v2 in each half)

Heading                                       Head It/Catch It, Heading Juggling, Heading Wars, Throw/Head/Catch

Practice Plan 1                            Ball Retrieval, Elbow Tag, Hurricanes and Ladders, Defrost Tag, Get Outta Here

Practice Plan 2                            Math Dribble, Knee tag, Draw, Junkyard Soccer, Get Outta Here

Practice Plan 3                            Nutmeg Competition, Dribble to Safety, Sequence Passing, Wolves and Sheep


U12 Practice Plans                            


Pressure and Coverage               


Spatial Awareness                       

Practice Plan 1                           






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