The Fauquier County Soccer Club (FCSC) has a rich history of providing soccer opportunities to the youth of Fauquier County, dating back to the 1970’s.  More specifically, FCSC’s heritage was born out of two organizations, whose foresight and cooperation brought soccer to the youth of our area long before other sports clubs were established.

Beginning in the 1970’s and throughout the 1980’s, two clubs serviced the needs of Fauquier County youth.  The Fauquier Soccer Association and the original Warrenton Youth Soccer Club.  The Fauquier Soccer Association principally addressed elementary school age groups while the original Warrenton Youth Soccer Club focused on Junior High and High School brackets.

In an effort to deliver the best possible soccer programs to Fauquier County the two associations unanimously agreed to merge the organizations on January 26, 1989.  With that decision, the Fauquier County Soccer Club was born.  At the time, the thoughtful Directors of those two clubs were:

Fauquier Soccer

Warrenton Youth Soccer Club

  • Bob Gilbert
  • Cindy Lewis
  • E. R. "Randy" Rawls
  • Alexander H. ter Weele
  • Bob Gilbert
  • Greg Lathrop
  • Gail McCormick
  • Peggy McMullen
  • Phyllis Mitchell
  • Russ Norskog
  • Roy Perry
  • Tom Sentz
  • Ken Stoehrmann

Much of the groundbreaking work performed by the now unified Fauquier County Soccer Club remain within our organization today... the mission as recorded in our Articles of Incorporation, the foundational principles documented in our By-Laws, the open nature of our member run organization, as well as our commitment to excellence and to the community.  A testament to the core principles is illustrated by the fact that some of those founding members remain actively involved with FCSC today.



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