The Fauquier County Soccer Clubs incorporated the organization within the state of Virginia on June 17, 1992.  As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, FCSC dedicated itself to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, providing programs for the benefit of the community through teaching and promoting an interest in the game of soccer.  The club’s original directors were:

  • Chairman, E. R. "Randy" Rawls
  • Deputy Chairman, Maximilian Tufts, Jr.
  • Secretary, Kenneth Stoehrmann
  • Treasurer, Robert Gilbert
  • Registrar, Joan Clarke

Building on a solid foundation of the Fauquier Soccer Association and Warrenton Youth Soccer Club, FCSC set about the business of the membership, providing the county’s youth with opportunities to learn, appreciate, be challenged by, and enjoy the game of soccer.  The Recreational Program consisted of U8, U10, U12, U14, and U17 age groups with independent travel teams constituting the Competitive Programs.

In an early address from the Chairman, Randy Rawls discussed the rapid expansion of the club and quality of match play.  Focused on the future, Chairman Rawls turned his attention towards two issues which needed to be resolved if the club were to continue to progress.

As we approach the end of my first year in office, I find that our most serious problem is not our club, our membership, our players, or the play of the game...  it is a lack of referees.  There is only one source of referees -- You.  I challenge each FCSC team, both House and Travel, to identify at least one adult to become certified as a referee and each team at the U14 age group and older to additionally identify at least one teen.

True to the club’s nature, generous volunteers stepped forward, trained by certified referees from within the FCSC membership, through courses established with the local community college.  Whether it be a sufficient number of qualified referees, or the many volunteers required to make this club -- your club -- function, FCSC members continue to give of their time and efforts.

Chairman Rawls addressed the second issue by noting,

There is one long term problem which we have not resolved and cannot resolve without your help.  We must have a Soccer Complex in Fauquier County.  Every year we wait just magnifies the problem.

With those words, Chairman Rawls set in motion a plan to realize such a complex for the youth of Fauquier County.  It would take planning, preparation, a commitment to generating and securing significant resources, and ultimately a partnership with the Town of Warrenton.  Chairman Rawls could not have envisioned the path which would be taken, but set a vision of the destination.  In 1996, FCSC realized a plan for steadily generating field development funds... the Hunt Country Classic.  The Hunt Country Classic, FCSC’s annual Travel tournament, generated increasing profits which were dutifully set aside, to one day acquire of several dozen "reasonably flat acres" to "centralize all games and ensure good playing conditions for our youth".  This forward-looking vision is a hallmark of FCSC operations, meeting and exceeding the needs of today’s youth, and planning for those who will do so tomorrow.



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