FCSC & Helping Haiti And Soccer (26 Aug 2013)

Fauquier County Soccer Club (FCSC) joined forces with Helping Haiti And Soccer (HANDS) in the summer of 2013 to support the less-fortunate children of Haiti.


FCSC, Fauquier County’s premier soccer club since 1992, has accumulated a surplus of uniforms, equipment, awards, and apparel over the years – excess and legacy inventory from seasons gone by and annual tournaments hosted by the club. Tim Schulke, President of FCSC, noted that “the club has amassed a fair amount of jerseys, shorts, socks, soccer balls, trophies, plaques, and logo-items over the years; we were looking for a worthy cause – helping those who share our love of the game was a natural fit.”

HANDS, a local non-profit, Christian-based organization endeavors to provide cherished soccer balls, uniforms, cleats and other soccer equipment to local orphanages, teams, and clubs, thereby facilitating training for players, coaches, and referees, as well as hosting tournaments in northern Haiti. Bob Allen, the founder of HANDS, expressed “it is a very worthy cause supported by a very worthy game.”

FCSC, HANDS, and the children of Haiti are bound by a passion for the beautiful game. FCSC recently donated close to 200 uniform kits including jerseys, shorts, and matching socks, enough to outfit a small club. Additionally, FCSC was able to offer over 50 trophies, scores of plaques, and various articles of club-clothing.

HANDS inventoried over twenty boxes of team jerseys, shorts and socks and related gear. The organization is preparing to deliver the items over two trips this November, and again in January 2014. During the upcoming January trip, the organization will conduct their second annual HANDS for Haiti Soccer Tournament, renting the Cap-Haitien region’s Pro Stadium which offers a grass field and seats 10,000 spectators. The tournament will host twenty Under 12 (U12) and U14 teams from around the country’s northern district. Bob Allen notes how “this is a unique opportunity for players to compete on a grass field in one of Haiti’s largest stadiums.” Bob Allen further explains that HANDS “will also hold a second event, through our partner, Streethearts, providing tournament games for children who live in shelters, often provided by Streehearts, or on the streets with no supporting home.” The clothing provided through HANDS supports not only clubs and their players, but street children and those who live in local orphanages as well.

FCSC and HANDS look forward to working together in the future, honoring the game as well as our Haitian teammates.

Fauquier County Soccer Club (FCSC) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing opportunities for youth and adults of all ages and skill levels to learn, appreciate, be challenged by, and enjoy the game of soccer. FCSC is Fauquier County’s premier soccer club; the area’s leading, club-structured organization staffed with professional, nationally-licensed, and dedicated technical directors and coaches. FCSC offers a recreational program for youth ranging from three to nineteen years of age, as well as an adult program for those nineteen years of age and older. FCSC also offers a competitive program for youth ranging from eight to nineteen years of age, competing in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), Washington Area Girls Soccer (WAGS) League, and the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL). For more information, visit our website at www.fcsc.org, or connect with us on Facebook.

Helping Haiti And Soccer (HANDS) is a non-profit, Christian organization committed to reaching the impoverished youth of Haiti through the shared language of soccer. HANDS endeavors to provide soccer balls, uniforms, cleats and equipment to local orphanages, teams, and clubs, supporting players, coaches, referees, and tournaments hosted in northern Haiti. The relationships forged by HANDS through the universal language of soccer allows the organization to serve a variety of underprivileged groups including orphans, homeless children, as well as those youth lacking the opportunity to play the game of soccer as we do in the United States. For more information, visit our website at www.helpinghaitiandsoccer.org, or connect with us on Facebook.



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